Photochromic Powder Set


Photochromic Powder Set

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  • UV solar activated pigment.
  • Photochromic multipurpose pigment various color  
  • Reversible Photochromic UV ( SOLAR) Activated Multipurpose Pigment
  • Set of 6 different color photochromic solar UV pigments

You will receive a set with one of each pigments: PINK, ORANGE, BLUE-GREEN, DARK PURPLE, PURPLE and YELLOW. This is novel, long-efficiency and environmentally friendly material. Under Solar or UV Light the pigment will change the color when and the pigment will get its original color with no longer exposed to the light. It could be repeated many times. The saturation of color will be depending on quantity of pigment and UV light intensity. With more intensity of UV light it will be FASTER color change and darker the color. Safety: Non-toxic, Non-radiation, but not intended for consumption ***USA CUSTOMERS ONLY***

******* (actual colors may vary slightly from image)*******